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We are your source for innovative, flexible and adaptable body-in-white and assembly systems. This is our claim and our promise. It begins in the engineering phase, when we work together with you to plan, design and map your production plants in simulation, and then run through a virtual commissioning simulation. We demonstrate it in the production, procurement and assembly phases that we control with reliable project management and our IT-based digital workflow management system. And the final pay-off comes with on-site commissioning, when the production plant has been erected, automated and is up and running at full capacity. Our portfolio includes:

Planning and design

· CE planning

· Concept development

· Material flow simulation (PlantSimulation)

· Production planning of assembly and body-in-white plants

· Budget cost calculation

· Component consulting/feasibility analysis

· Layouting and digital factory

· Design

· Simulation/OLP

· Hardware and software planning

· Offline programming


· Global completion of turnkey systems with over 1,000 robots per year

· Project management from start to finish

· Global sourcing, supplier management and development

· 20,000 square meter assembly area

· Commissioning

· Launching and ramp-up