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We accompany the development process for components and assemblies from the very beginning. This is how we verify and assess their feasibility for our customers and can continue to provide support in upstream phases. Whether with knowledgeable method planning, highly accurate simulations, or the engineering phase. Up to and including on-site support. After all, that is what our customers understand when they say "partnership." And we provide nothing less.

Our focus is on manufacturing sophisticated deep drawing molds for the outer panel components and complex structural elements required in body-in-white. In precise simulation, we run through process capability, process robustness, and return compensation, generating Class A die faces as a result. Our many years of engineering experience and high level of expertise in method planning and simulation are the perfect complement to cutting edge planning, simulation, and design technologies and the competencies of our in-house press plant.

Within the Tool Engineering business unit, our in-house Exporit cast models are a special branch. In close collaboration with Tool Design, we create material and cast models for serial tools in the tool making, construction, and aviation industries.


Feasibility study, method planning, and simulation are key components of the engineering process, requiring a high level of expertise in production planning. We develop efficient production strategies and provide our customers with high-quality technical support in the optimal realization of their body components. In the process, we rely on a broad spectrum of components and our expert knowledge of materials: aluminum, the deep draw steels commonly used in the industry, and high strength and ultra high strength steel. The results are cost-optimized manufacturing concept with process reliability for your components. Our range of services covers the following process steps:

Feasibility study

· Feasibility analysis of component geometry

· Viability, cost analysis, and cost assessment

· Development of innovative production concepts

Method planning

· Further development and optimization of component geometry

· Production process definition

· Concept methods/series methods

· Method documentation (2D/3D)


· Forming simulation

· Return and compensation calculation

· Robustness simulation (AutoForm Sigma)

· Surface analysis

· Press passage analysis

· Die collision study

· Hemming simulation


With cutting edge software such as CATIA or Siemens NX, our experienced employees design operating resources for our customers in flexible teams. As a result, they generate the ideal tool geometry as a basis for tool production. In the process, we coordinate with the Method Planning Department and Press Plant. Based on the method plan, operating resource design, and our press plant employees' know-how, the tool absorption surfaces are generated using CATIA as a preliminary stage to NC programming. Our portfolio includes:

Tool design

· Operating resource design for in-house tool making and for external customers

· Press passage simulation

· Mechanization

· Kinematic tool simulation

· Final processing of large-scale projects of up to 8,000 h/month


· Absorption surfaces as the basis for NC programming

· Surfacing analysis

· Generating Class-A capable, compensated surfaces

· Tool optimization and correction


Four modern CNC milling machines are part of our cast model equipment. The machines have a table size of 6000 x 2800 mm, facilitating the production of large to ultra large material and cast models for the tool making, construction, and aviation industries. Cast models are directly integrated into the design process, allowing us to achieve very short throughput times and high quality. We also implement component-driven adjustments in the quickest possible manner. We use CATIA V5 and HyperMill for NC programming.

Our machine park with solid milling capability encompasses:

· 1 Fanum gantry milling machine 6000 x 2800 mm

· 2 Bornemann gantry milling machines 5000 x 2500 mm

· 1 Bornemann gantry milling machine 2000 x 1250 mm


EBZ develops high-performance tools that are highly precise and deliver process reliability. Living up to our standards requires the maximum level of experience and competency in technical design and production. Especially when it comes to producing outer panel components and complex structural elements. Our engineering competency fuses with experienced artisan skills in the tryout.

As a specialist in forming technology for materials such as the deep draw steels commonly used in the industry, steel, high strength steel, aluminum, and the composite materials CFRP and GRP, our customers can rely on our experience. We have pledged to follow the goal of offering cutting edge technology at the maximum level of quality. For this reason, our worldwide resources include state-of-the-art facilities for mechanical mold processing and assembly, measurement and quality assurance, and optical digitalization. A laser technology center designed to meet the company's needs makes a key contribution to consistent, efficient work processes in sheet metal processing.

We cover the entire tool making process chain and satisfy our customers' expectations up to series production. We incorporate the tools in our own press line. This series-type tryout with the latest, customer-specific press technology simulates the installation phase before delivery. When the tools are first installed in the presses in the customer's plant, our high standards of quality are proven down to the details – from process-proof concept development to efficient realization.


Our tools meet the most rigorous requirements for series production in the automotive industry when it comes to dimensional precision and productivity. They are supported by a cutting-edge machine park and highly experienced, well-trained employees. More than 15 processing centers and an in-house hardening shop guarantee the precise, efficient production of tools and components.

Our production solutions and services:

· NC programming: CAM/WOB programming

· High-performance cutting (HPC roughing)

· High-speed cutting (HSC finishing)

· Tool sizes up to 12 m

· In-house heat treatment competency:
- Surface hardening with induction and laser technology
- Curing with a vacuum furnace

· Multifunctional laser center (7 axes) with laser build-up welding, laser curing and laser cutting

· Carrying out specific production steps


Assembling complex tools required maximum levels of precision and many years of experience. We offer both: our tool mechanics have the technical know-how and artisan skills. And they use cutting edge assembly processes and welding techniques. The result: functional tools with precise layouts that are provided to our press plant.

Our tool assembly includes the following services and solutions:

· Tools of all complexity levels and sizes up to 5,000 x 2,800 mm

· Know-how: Outer panels, aluminum, high strength steel

· Detailed assembly sequence and processing instruction planning to achieve the maximum requirements for precision

· Precise setting of complex, kinematically interdependent functions of a delicate nature

· Straking HSC surfaces up to Class A quality including provision to the Press Plant

· Manufacture of individual, pre-fabricated tools


In the tryout phase, we identify all the critical areas of the component and eliminate all weak points systematically and effectively. In the process, we install the tools in our press lines until the component or assembly can be produced in the quality you require. We do this in close coordination with you and our tool designers using cutting-edge, customer-specific process technology. With over 11 large-scale presses with different characteristics, including two Schuler servo presses, we can react even more systematically and flexibly to your requirements and at the same time, provide you with maximum variability.

Our services:


· Series-type tryout with the latest, customer-specific press technology

· Installing components up to Class A quality

· Permanent comparison of simulation and practical results ensures the shortest path to achieving dimensional quality

· Finalization of the tools for optimal, interference-free homeline integration


· Pre-series production

· Niche pressing

· Small series

· Spare part supply

· Technical partner for carrying out individual process steps: installing third-party tools


When it comes to quality assurance in our tool production processes, we do not compromise. Component inspection is a high-priority function. With state-of-the-art measurement technology, we monitor and optimize all products and production processes. Always. This is the only way to satisfy your requirements for consistently high quality – and our requirements as well.

The measurement equipment and test procedures we use:

· CNC-controlled measurement equipment for complete bodies and/or individual parts

· Tactile, optical, and laser measurement systems

· Reverse engineering: transforming real molds and surfaces into CAD

· Procurement of gages

· Surface appraisal and assessment as per customer standards

· Analysis of necessary optimization measures in shell and tool making (matching)

· Analysis of individual forming stages


At EBZ NHC Composites GmbH we have specialized in creating prototypes, design modules and proportionate composites. Our core competency is creating GRP and CFRP components and molds.
When realizing a project, we support our customers from the idea or initial 3D model to the functional composite component. We also apply our many years of experience to selecting materials, procedure, and quality stages for you. Our product range extends from simple fiberglass molding in ureol as materials models to high-tech carbon fiber prepreg components cured in autoclaves. In this way, we create individual initial samples, prototypes and small series adjusted to satisfy the individual requirements of our customers. If required, we would also be happy to produce equipment and aids for production optimization such as drilling templates, jigs, and silicone membranes or pressure tubing.

Service overview, composites:
CAD software.

· CATIA V5 R24

CAM software.

· hyperMILL and Tebis

GRP and CFRP component manufacturing – production techniques in prepreg or epoxy resin

· Cutting diverse sheet materials (polyurethane and epoxy resin), typical for master forms and simple molding for prototype production

· Cutting composite components (GRP, CFRP)


· Milling various types of foam

Available production techniques for prototypes and small series in GRP/CFRP.

· Epoxy resin fiberglass molding with and without a vacuum

· Vacuum infusion


· Components in prepreg (phenol and epoxy resins) under vacuum


· Molds in prepreg (epoxy resin) under vacuum


· All processes can also be cured under autoclave conditions


· Sandwich components


· Press technology

Production resources/equipment.

· Vacuum jigs

· Manual clamping devices

· Silicone membranes and pressure tubes

· Drilling templates

· Bonding equipment

Other services.

· Cleaning and maintenance of metallic molds (sodablasting)

· Repair of composite components and molds