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EBZ is one of the top suppliers in the automotive industry.

We owe this to the quality of our work. And above all, our employees. To live up to this status, we have positioned our corporate values as the standard for how we think and act.

EBZ is a reliable partner.

Living by professionalism, dynamic action, and a respectable appearance.

As professionals, we treat our customers as our partners. We base our work on a mature capacity to perform that we have developed with reason and knowledge. Our success at this is reflected in accolades from customers such as the Daimler Supplier Award, for example.

EBZ is confident in our expertise.

Due to the superior performance of the company, reliable products, and its stable position on the automotive market.

As a company, we act with confidence. Based on the honest work of all employees.
Our products are like our employees: reliable, precise, and high quality. With a stable position in the market. And prepared for the future. Thanks to our in-house training program ranging from classic metalworking occupations to a dual study program.

EBZ is dynamic.

Thanks to our passionate employees, customized solutions, and the advanced technologies we use.

To keep pace with progress, we develop the most innovative technologies ourselves. We prefer to provide custom solutions. Instead of wearing tailored suits. We value passion highly. And demand it from all our employees.

EBZ is professional.

Our core value is reflected in process-reliable planning, consistent development, and efficient realization.

Our processes are safe, optimized, and transparent. This is reflected in our planning. We focus on consistent development. And on complying with our values. We realize projects efficiently. Because we are aware of what is important.




Times are changing. The challenges posed by society and the environment are becoming more sophisticated. We are aware of this and are taking corporate responsibility. For the environment and society, for our customers, and of course for our suppliers, partners, and employees. Because we know that sustainable success is based on both thinking economically and acting consciously. And a corporate culture that relies on trust, individual responsibility, openness, and honesty.