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Sun Shanting
Lead of Quality Department

EBZ is an international company and as a first-tier supplier of BBA and Daimler Benz, EBZ provided an excellent platform of international communication and career development.

It’s been 3 years since I joined EBZ. I cherished the opportunities to work along with our outstanding colleagues, from whom I learned better working methods and attitudes.

The slogan of EBZ is “Automotive. Challenge Accepted!” which has become my working attitude from the first day of work. For this whole time, I’ve always been aware that quality control plays an important role to our products for both our clients and our company itself. As the quality group leader, I’ve been practicing and improving skills together with the team members to make sure that we deliver better products from the quality point of view.

EBZ is developing fast and growing larger, I wish to grow together with EBZ and to finally realize my dreams and as always, Challenge Accepted!